Blackthorn Arena


RPG / Strategy / Simulation / Fights

Blackthorn Arena is a strategy/management sim with real-time combat system set in a fantasy world with mythical monsters and classic fantasy races.

Buy slaves and train them into gladiators. You will need to manage their attributions, skills and talents, equip them with the best armors and weapons you can afford. Some of them may have talent to become a support staff such as cooks, healer, drillmaster, black smith etc.

Send your Gladiators to fight in 10 diverse arenas in "The FreeLand”, defeat other gladiators and over 30 kinds of monsters. Challenge the champions of other arenas, kick them out of their throne. Create your own champions and become the most powerful master in the world.

Don’t forget you have an arena to manage! As your gladiators win battles in other arenas, you will gain money as reward, as well as reputation. Money can buy new slaves, better equips and upgrade your arena when needed. Use your money wisely because everything about running an arena is depending on it. Reputation is important too, cost reputation to hold a game will grant you considerable incomes.

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Single Player


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